Ashley Pottinger

Patient Care Specialist


Cam Oja

I found STAT through Camille, now a trainer here, who constantly raved about how much STAT has helped her achieve her goals! I couldn’t wait to get started working with such an incredible team with the common goal of making a difference! When I am not working, I enjoy working out, going on runs/walks/hikes, and spending time with my family and friends!


How do you stay healthy with a busy schedule?

  1. The easiest thing that I do is aim to drink a gallon of water a day! I feel my best when I know that my body is well hydrated!
  2. I meal prep and pack my meals for the next day the night before which allows me to easily stay on track.
  3. I stretch for 15-20 minutes before bed every night with some calming music! This helps to get relaxed right before bed.

Can you share something about yourself with us we may not know?

I trained for a half marathon this year! I wasn’t able to run due to the WORST shin splints! Added it for a goal next year!

Do you have a favorite inspirational podcast or book?

I really enjoy listening to Mel Robbins and Ed Mylett!

What’s your all time favorite song to workout to?

Gosh, so hard to choose, I like to mix it up between rock, rap, and a little Big Bootie Mix


Tell us how you first got interested in health and wellness.

I was always in sports growing up and throughout school so being active has always been an important part of my life.

What is your spirit animal and why?

A butterfly! They represent transformation and change which represents this last year of my life working on my own personal growth.