Guy Priester IV, CF-L2


As a Level 2 CrossFit instructor with 6 years of training experience, Guy can help anyone move closer to their fitness goals. His CrossFit mobility certification enables him to help reverse the stress that daily life puts on your body! He has trained children, teens, adults, professional athletes, and those in their golden years, giving him an excellent overview of proper form for a broad range of body types.

Guy has been dabbling in extreme sports since childhood. He was a pole vaulter in high school, became a volleyball and racquetball enthusiast in college, then decided to explore the world of fitness, and has recently started Brazilian jiu-jitsu and dog training.

With a focus on functional training Guy aims to be a catalyst on your fitness journey, keeping you safe and moving in and out of the gym!



You start classes with a fun ice breaker question. What’s your favorite one to ask and what’s your answer?

What do you bond with strangers over? My answer would be making music or recreational adrenaline seeking behavior.

Tell us how you got your start in fitness.

I started lifting weights as a way to gain weight but then as I began to pole vault in high school I became more performance minded.

What are your top three favorite exercises and why?

Turkish get up – they are hard

Snatch – they are dangerous

Deadlift – they make you strong

What are your favorite ways to spend your time when you're not teaching at STAT?

Hanging with my dog Loki or my girlfriend Mis, doing Brazilian Jui Jit Su, riding my bike, playing volleyball, making music

Can you share your favorite motivational quote or mantra? What keeps you going?

My favorite quote is “good” by Jocko Willink, meant to be a indication that whatever happened will benefit you if you work hard enough. But what keeps me going, other than ego, is my responsibility to my family. I need to stay fit to handle the challenges that life throws at us.