The season of giving has officially begun! Thinking of gifts for a loved one can be challenging and time consuming so we wanted to make it easy for you all. We’ve put together a holiday gift guide to help you find the perfect healthy gifts for anyone!


Starting off with an amazing cookbook by a fellow functional medicine doctor, Dr. Mark Hyman; Food: What the heck should I cook?

In order to cook you have to all the right supplies; The perfect egg cooker, you can make anything from hard boiled eggs to omelet and a cast iron skillet for all the yummy veggies!

For all your time pressed friends and fam, starting the day with a smoothie filled with all the essentials is quick easy and the NutriBullet is top of the line! Another quick and easy tool is an air fryer to make anything from sweet potato and zucchini fries to chicken tenders!

An instant pot is one of our favorite kitchen tools! With all the capabilities of a crockpot AND a pressure cooker, you can make just about anything! The best part? It can even cook things from frozen! No pre-thawing required!

The frother – tiny but mighty! We love using this to blend protein powder, collagen, or any powder that might clump up otherwise! It’s also awesome for making at home coffee drinks like oat milk lattes (and much cheaper!).


Nothing like some new athletic wear to get you in the spirit to go to the gym from leggings, to a light jacket or this one that will be sure to keep you warm on the way into or out of the gym. Also these yoga socks are perfect for our stability class and headbands for when you get a little sweaty!

If you know someone who likes to do workouts at home these gifts are perfect to add to their workouts! Resistance bands are great to add a little difficulty to even the most basic moves. Slides are perfect to work on stability moves and a great for plank work, mtn climbers, hamstring curls, or even arm circles. Everyone needs a yoga mat and this one is great for carrying to and from classes or traveling! A great way to track your progress is by wearing a heart rate tracker, that way you can track your heart rate and workouts! The fitbit is a great one to try out!

You can  also purchase a class pack or MOVEMENT membership here at STAT Wellness!


Protect our environment with simple things like metal straws, reusable shopping bags, and reusable ziploc bags for storing foods in the freezer.

For all the coffee and tea lovers, this yeti coffee mug is perfect for keeping their drink warm on the go (or the couch!) and this stainless steel french press is awesome for making delicious at home coffee!


An essential oil diffuser is all you need to either relax (our favorite is lavender) or give you energy (we love blood orange).

This book, Stress Less, Accomplish More is all about meditation and decreasing stress! We could all use a little bit of that. Pair it with a journal to write down all your thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams or a weighted blanket for a little anxiety relief and some cozy socks to go along with it!

Stop by STAT for our favorite CBD elixir (a great stocking stuffer) or our candle trio with intention setting mantras focusing on a year of Longevity, Vitality, and Tranquility!


There is nothing like giving the gift of health. All Ora Organic products are organic and clean. They’ve got everything from protein powder, probiotics, clean pre workout, and even greens!

We also have gift cards available for purchase at STAT that can be used on products and services and class packs of group fitness classes!


Drunk Elephant is a great line with clean products from face wash and make up remover to a travel size night time routine set!

Coco Kind is another amazing skin care line and here is a clean face mask and a moisturizer!

So many holiday gift ideas for every different type of person! We also have lots of deals going on throughout the holidays so be sure to keep following along. Come by and see us or feel free to give us a call!

Happy Holidays!

The STAT Wellness Team

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