Katelyn Raymond, DPT

Director of Movement + Physical Therapist

Atlanta & Roswell

Dr. Katelyn Raymond is a Physical Therapist, Trainer, and Coach. Katelyn graduated from Georgia State University with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy and is trained in rehab based Pilates through Polestar and ACSM for Personal Training. Katelyn specializes in Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, which is integral in assessing all aspects of functional health.

She is passionate about injury prevention and loves to educate her clients on proper body mechanics. Katelyn loves getting to know her clients and encouraging healthy lifestyle changes. She looks forward to helping you accomplish your goals to help you live your best, pain-free life. When she’s not at STAT, you can find Katelyn taking long walks around town with her husband and their puppy, Arbor, spending time with friends outdoors, or practicing new stability moves.



Being a doctorate of physical therapy is incredibly impressive, what kept you focused and motivated during the 3 years of training?

Honestly I love having any kind of goal! Checking things off my list brings me joy! So with PT school I focused one task at a time, and it ended up flying by! At times it was overwhelming, but I always had such supportive network of family and friends to help me. Plus it helps that I love learning about the body!

Your instagram name is @poisedpt. What made you choose the word poised?

First off I am such a slacker on social media. I really thought I was going to be so good at sharing interesting exercises and facts about the body (but if you follow me, you know I have not being doing well…) But, back to the point, I chose the word poised because it means to be balanced and have control which is so import in our lives, but also in our physical health too.

You have training in pilates which puts emphasis on core strength; why is a strong core essential for our overall physical health?

The core is our foundation! Think about it your arms and legs sprout from our trunks and it is the basis that gives us stability, control, and balance! The core helps stabilize your spines, which will decreased excessive load through your spine and aids in your balance. Bottom line we need core stability as well as core strength! Come to my class and to learn more!

What is your favorite podcast to listen to and why?

I have a wide array of podcast I listen too. Picking a favorite is hard! If I had to pick one it would be Invisibilia, which is about the “unseeable forces that control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions”. I also listen to a bunch of physical therapy podcast, like the Ask Mike Reinold show and other fun ones! If you have a favorite, tell me I am always open to learn new things!

Being a fitness instructor and full time physical therapist is demanding, what is something you do every day to stay grounded?

I love to go on short little walks throughout the day, whenever I have a few free minutes to take deep breathes and reflect on the day. Walking is truly one of the most relaxing things to me! In school I called them learning loops to study, but now I still keep walking as part of my daily routine to take a load off. If you are looking for a walking buddy hit me up!

You wake up earlier and teach our 5:15AM classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. What do you like most about mornings and what do you do ahead of time to make mornings stress free?

I love the quiet, stillness, and freshness of mornings! Also the no traffic at 4:30am is nice! Before I go to bed I set out all my clothes for the day and pack my lunch, I put them in a pile by the door. This, for the most part, helps me from forgetting stuff, but I still find that my memory isn’t what it used to and I usually leave behind a sock or two.

Tell us something about you that our readers might not know.

This is hard.. I am a little too open! One thing people may not know about me is that I am the baby of the family and lots of family members and friends actually call me “Baby Katelyn”.

What is your favorite mantra?

She will fly on her own wings. It is Oregon states saying, but I love it because it makes me feel empowered!