Laurie Luth, FNP-BC, MSN

Nurse Practitioner

Laurie Luth Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner STAT Wellness Roswell
Laurie Luth Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner STAT Wellness Roswell

Laurie was born and raised in Georgia, and has lived in the Atlanta area since 2001. She is a lifelong learner, earning degrees in foreign language and business administration prior to pursuing her nursing career. She has been a Family Nurse Practitioner since 2018, with twelve years of nursing experience prior to becoming a nurse practitioner.

Her professional background in medicine includes women’s health, fertility support, integrative family medicine, and functional medicine. The youngest daughter of a nurse and an agricultural researcher, Laurie has developed passion for medicinal gardening and the healing power of plants.

She is a wife, a mother to two teens, a gardener, an avid hiker, a reader, and loves being outdoors.



How do you stay healthy with a busy schedule?

Always carry real food snacks.  Eat as few foods that require opening packages as possible.  This is a carryover from when my kids were little and my bag almost always contained an avocado, a banana, or a container of edamame.

I carry a giant water bottle to hydrate all day

Stack healthy habits into normal day-to-day activities.  Do squats while folding laundry, deep breathing exercises in the shower,  walking outside while talking on the phone or returning texts.

If you could eat one cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Beans and rice in any spice combo.  Regardless of the spice combination or additional veggies, beans and rice is my ultimate comfort food.  

What’s your favorite healthy snack?

An apple with some type of nut butter!

Can you share something about yourself with us we may not know?

Since early 2020 I have been transitioning our front and back yards into natural and pollinator friendly edible and medicinal landscaping, particularly with native plants whenever possible.  Luckily we do not have an HOA, because this has involved very slowly transitioning away from a grass lawn.

Do you have a favorite inspirational podcast or book?

I am inspired by the stories of other people, regardless of their situation.  I adore listening to Story Corps from NPR.  They are typically rather short, recorded by the people involved, and all are preserved at the Library of Congress.  

What’s your all time favorite song to work out to?

The song I start when I want to push myself a little harder while running is usually either Ballroom Blitz or just about anything by P!nk



Tell us how you first go interested in health and wellness.

This was a slow transition over time, starting in my early 20’s.  One grandmother had dementia, my grandfather had cardiovascular health issues, and I wanted to work on prevention rather than waiting for a diagnosis.  It started with regular cardio exercise, and I just build on it year by year.  


What is your spirit animal and why?

I love crows.  I associate a crow with ingenuity, a sense of playful community, and an ability to adapt.