Things You Don’t Want to Miss


Peachtree City 

Move Better with Billy

Peachtree City: By appointment only

Come learn more about your body and how you can move better with Dr. Billy Bassett, DPT. This is a great space to ask questions about aches and pains and discover areas that could improve.
Sessions are 30 minutes (in person only) and limited to one per person.


Blood Sugar Bootcamp

Virtual: Starting October 19th

The Blood Sugar Bootcamp is a 3 week blood sugar exploration utilizing a Continuous Glucose Monitor on the back of the arm which checks your glucose every 15 minutes! The program includes the CGM device, 2 virtual Group visits with a provider and dietitian, and a forum to discuss your experience and questions throughout. You will gain insights into how your blood sugar is impacted by the foods you eat, exercise, sleep, stress, and more! This is ideal for those who know they have blood sugar issues, Diabetes or Pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, trouble losing weight, fatigue, mood issues that seem food related, brain fog, and more!


WEBINAR: Decreasing Your Toxic Load

Virtual: October 4th, 7:00 PM
$10, FREE for Members! 

Toxins are everywhere – in the air we breath, our homes, the food we eat, the products we use daily, and so much more! These toxins can lead to disruption in male and female hormones, impede weight control, negatively impact liver, brain, thyroid, and immune health, and potentially increase our risk for different types of cancers. Join nurse practitioner Ashtin Miraglia, FNP-C to discover simple ways to help make your life, home, and body a little less toxic.


WEBINAR: Intro to Functional Medicine for Mental Health

Virtual: October 19th, 7:00 PM

Join STAT Wellness Medical Provider, Kyle Compaan, FNP, CIPP (Certified Integrative Psychiatry Provider) for a free event to learn key functional medicine principles for mental health. You will learn how mental health can be both negatively impacted but also improved by addressing root cause issues like gut health, chronic inflammation, hormones, nutrient imbalances, heavy metals, lifestyle and more. At STAT we fully believe in the power of therapy and even occasionally medication for relief of mental health symptoms. However, if you’ve been wondering whether there may be more going on under the surface, then this webinar is for you.