Paige Hebble

Wellness Manager

Our Wellness Manager, Paige, is a beach bum turned city gal who loves coffee, music, and all things STAT Wellness! She became a Founding Member of STAT when we first opened then joined our team full time in May 2019. As Wellness Manager, she interacts with all of our clients on a day-to-day basis, from scheduling their visits to answering any questions they might have. You can probably catch her talking about a segment she heard on NPR or about her dog, Zoey, whenever she isn’t working! She has a passion for her own personal health and wellness journey – she loves taking our noon Group Fitness classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!


You’re our Wellness Manager. What does that job encompass?

As Wellness Manager, I essentially handle all things front of house! From keeping track of product inventory to scheduling patients and greeting clients for class, I oversee the team that helps cultivate our welcoming community on a daily basis! I’m a huge people person and love being able to interact with everyone who walks through our doors.

You were a Founding Member before you were an employee! What made you become a Member and why did you want to work on our team?

I feel like STAT and I go way back! I remember hearing Kristin speak at a conference and knowing that I wanted to work WITH her as a patient and one day would love to work FOR her, helping change the face of modern medicine and wellness! The first week that STAT opened, we offered free fitness classes for the first week. I hadn’t worked out in YEARS and was so intimidated, but the culture that Kristin and the team created at STAT made me feel at home before I even knew people’s names. I immediately became a member after that first workout and promptly scheduled my New Patient Visit. I’ve struggled with my health for my entire life, so meeting someone who was willing to sit down and take the time to learn about my whole health history and explain why things are the way they are. After being a Member for a few months and really diving deep into what Wellness means to me, I decided to apply for a job at STAT and take the leap from my corporate job! I haven’t ever looked back!

What does Wellness mean to you?

Wellness to me means making a commitment to myself every single day. Committing to doing things that make me feel good, that take me out of my comfort zone, and also things that I don’t necessarily want to do but know that I should (looking at you, flossing). That commitment encompasses my mental, physical, and spiritual health, in addition to my relationships! Focusing on my health has allowed me to become a better friend and employee.

You obviously love our workout classes, what’s your favorite song to workout to?

Y’all already KNOW I’m a huge fan of girl power tunes. Beyonce, Spice Girls, Taylor Swift, Cardi B, and JLo are some of my faves!

You spend a lot of your time talking about our different services. What’s your favorite service that we offer at STAT?

I literally cannot pick one, but Methylfolate Injections and B12/Lipovite Injections are definitely at the top of that list! Ever since discovering I have the MTHFR genetic mutation through the genetic testing that we offer, I’ve been getting these two injections regularly. I definitely notice when I miss an injection and immediately make an appointment to get one! I get so much energy and am able to focus so clearly when I get the injections regularly.

You also plan a lot of our events, particularly Member events, what’s your favorite event that we’ve hosted and why?

The Member Only Hike that we did in January was an absolute BLAST. I did not think anyone was going to show up to go hike 6 miles when it was 35 degrees outside, but we had a great group of people there who all pushed themselves and had fun doing it. I love being outdoors but don’t do it often in the winter since I hate the cold, so it was really fun for me to be with a supportive, excited group of people for a great hike!

What’s your favorite part about STAT?

The PEOPLE! I love the people I work with so much. We’ve created a culture of kindness that makes things like friendly competition in workouts, random dance parties, and toasting with green juice SO much fun. I also absolutely love working with all of the clients that walk through our door! I get excited to come to work every day and would not feel that way if it weren’t for all of the amazing people I interact with on a daily basis!