‘All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.’

— Walt Disney, film producer and entrepreneur


In order to achieve your health and wellness goals, you have to take action.

That is right, you actually have to make changes!

Taking action may mean setting your alarm in time to get a workout in before your day starts, going to the grocery store on Sunday to grab some healthy food for the week so you don’t run through the fast food line on your way home for work, or maybe it is hiring a personal trainer to hold you accountable. The purpose of this article is to highlight the personal training aspect and WHY it matters.

The cool thing about Personal Training at STAT Wellness is it is not a dictatorship. Our Personal Trainer’s goal is to meet you where you are at and help you crush your health and wellness goals.

When you think of personal training, you may think of an intimidating drill sergeant screaming at you and pushing you beyond what you are ready for. Of course that is not the Personal Training we preach at STAT Wellness.

Studies show that personal training is an effective way to increase your physical activity and change your attitude towards exercise. A Personal Trainer provides accountability that is hard to find elsewhere because when you commit to a session you feel that extra push to show up versus going to the gym on your own. Would you not show up for your hair appointment or critical work meeting? I didn’t think so (especially if it is with your boss). We need to place that much emphasis on our physical health and meeting with Personal Trainers.

Depending on your experience with gym equipment, exercise which is meant to benefit your health can cause injury if the equipment is used improperly. Not to mention it can be incredibly daunting to see a room full of equipment you have no idea how to use. A Personal Trainer will be there to show you proper form in order to get the most out of what you’re doing and make sure you are safely using the equipment.

There are five stages of exercise adoption:

  • Precontemplation (not pursing making a change)
  • Contemplation (considering a change)
  • Preparation (soon to make the change)
  • Action (actively engaged in making a change but only for a short while)
  • Maintenance (sustaining the change over time)

Which one describes you?

A study called “The Effectiveness of Personal training on Changing Attitudes Towards Physical Activity” had 129 people take part in a 10-week period where they were exposed to having a personal trainer for the first time. Twenty-seven of them were in the highest stage (maintenance) and could not move any higher, sixty-one of them moved up one stage, thirteen moved up two stages, twenty-seven stayed at the same stage.The result of this study show that without a doubt personal training is a not only a way to effective change behavior but has the power to increase the amount of physical activity a person gets.

Not a newbie, even a very experienced gym goer can get benefits from working out with a Personal Trainer. We all have experienced plateaus in our exercise plan and get frustrated when we no longer see results. On top of that, boredom can settle in from doing the same exercises repeatedly without adding variation. A Personal Trainer does the thinking for you; you just have to show up… don’t you like the sound of that? It is the job of a Personal Trainer to not only help you see results but take out the staleness you may feel with your workout routine.

In conclusion, having a Personal Trainer can either compliment what you already know about your body and exercise or completely transform the way you view physical activity and exercise. The first step you need to take is taking the first step… remember little by little a little becomes a lot. Our Personal Trainers are here to help you see RESULTS.

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In good health,

Aboudlaye Djire

Trainer at STAT Wellness



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