The quadriceps muscles, located in the front of the thigh, are responsible for extending the knee joint and allowing us to straighten our leg. A strain, or tear, in one or more of these muscles can be quite painful and can limit our ability to move our legs and walk. Check out this article on muscle strains to learn more about different types, their symptoms, and approximate healing times!

Quadricep strains are often caused by sudden, explosive movements that require the contraction of these muscles, such as jumping or sprinting. They can also be caused by overuse, such as in activities that require repeated straightening of the leg and force absorption like running.



At STAT Wellness, Physical Therapy treatment for a quadricep strain involves a combination of manual therapy and skilled exercise prescription to facilitate tissue healing and load tolerance. Maintaining good strength in the quadricep muscle group following rehabilitation is vitally important during dynamic activities to help prevent other injuries, thats why we offer Performance Based Physical Therapy to continue to build resilient tissues and improve physical performance. You can head over to our instagram page and check out the post on Quadricep Muscle Strains for an example of 5 exercise progressions!

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