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The holidays are upon us and we figured you might be looking for gift ideas for that hard to shop for person in your life. We’ve compiled 5 of our favorite items for you to gift the wellness junkie in your life if you’re looking for the perfect last minute gift.

1. You’re a Knockout – Ora Organic

We don’t have enough good things to say about You’re a Knockout! It’s an incredible supplement to help promote sleep. Our patients that use it have seen a significant amount of improvement in both the quality and quantity of their rest.

Give it to: Your friend who complains that the bags under her eyes are designer; your coworker who spent half of your zoom meeting yawning

$34.99 – shop HERE.

2. Wellness Feels Good Tank Top

This cozy tank will take you straight from workouts to brunch and make sure you look good while doing it all! Rep STAT Wellness and show the world just how good wellness can feel.

Give it to: Your family member who can never find anything to wear; that friend that has everything

$25.00 – shop HERE.

3. Ritual Prenatal Vitamin

One of our favorite prenatal vitamins! With methylfolate, omegas, vitamin b, and more, this is a great option for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and the fourth trimester!

Give it to: Your sister who mentioned she might be ready for more responsibility than a dog

$35.00 – shop HERE.

4. Glass Water Bottle

No explanation needed! Be environmentally friendly while reducing your toxic load by eliminating unnecessary plastics with this sleek glass water bottle.

Give it to: Someone who needs the reminder to be hydrated; your friend that’s still drinking out of single use plastic water bottles

$16.99 – shop HERE.

5. Electrolytes – Ultima Replenisher

Our favorite brand for hydration boosting electrolytes! It’s sweetened with stevia and plant based – great for helping headaches, muscle soreness, and more!

Give it to: Someone who might have enjoyed happy hour too much; the friend that LOVES HIIT workouts

$20.99 – shop HERE.

As always, a STAT Wellness Gift Card would also be a great gift! Give us a call at 404-254-5905 to answer any questions you have about buying the perfect gift for someone you love (or yourself, we won’t tell!). We hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season!

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