“Everything you do has some effect, some impact”. It’s the ripple effect…


Tip number 1: Live in a bubble.


Just playing, that is not realistic or a fun way to live your life. The purpose of this blog is not to make you scared to live, but to make you more aware of your surroundings.  Many of us have absolutely no idea what is in our cleaning, food, supplement, or beauty/hygiene products (and truthfully neither does the FDA).

When comparing the United States to Europe, it will make your JAW drop. In Europe there are over 1,300 potentially harmful chemicals banned from their market compared to around 11 in the United States.

Did you know the average women puts 126 chemicals on their body before even leaving their house (other sources reporting up to 500+)? Organizations, such as, the Environmental Working Group are working hard to help individuals become more aware of what they are putting in and on their body.

Here are two good blogs that outline some of the common toxic chemicals found in and around our home (Cleveland Clinic and Prevention).

There are also several excellent resources to help you navigate this confusing and complex subject.

Check these APPS out today:

  • The Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Database App/Website
    • This source gives over 65,000 products a score between 1-10
    • The lower the score the less toxic the product
    • I always aim for 1-2 (Low Hazard)
  • Fooducate App
    • This rates food based on its QUALITY, rather than quantity (calorie count)
    • I aim for a B+ or above (of course A’s are optimal)
  • Detox Me
    • Full of research based tips to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals
    • Scan your product and gather information

This can all be overwhelming, so I wanted to share  a few of the simple swaps I have made in our household .

Here are 6 of my favorite swaps

  1. Swap plastic for glass 
  2. Swap cleaning products
  3. Swap deodorants (after all, you put this on your body DAILY)
  4. Say good bye to hairspray (not only do you absorb it through your scalp, but you also inhale it) 
  5. Swap teeth whitening agents (bleach in my mouth? Eeek)
  6. With summer approaching, try a less toxic sunscreen 

The most important thing is to just start being aware of what we are putting in and on our bodies. You can not avoid all toxins and are bodies are amazing at detoxifying and eliminating potential toxins. However, it is important to gradually start making simple swaps to reduce our overall toxic exposure.

Remember,”everything you do has some effect, some impact”. It’s the ripple effect…

What are some of your favorite clean products? I would love to hear from you!

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