It is officially December and only 24 DAYS until Christmas! ‘Tis the season of joy, love, laughter, and GIFTS!

I absolutely love giving gifts, probably even more than receiving them. However, I typically wait until the last minute to buy everyone’s gift and each year I make a promise to myself that I will not wait until the week before Christmas. So I figured… maybe I am not alone! If you have not started Christmas shopping yet, here is a list of unique Christmas gift ideas for your friends and family.




Top affordable GPS sports watch goes to (drum roll…) TomTom Spark 3. This multi-sports (running, biking, and swimming) watch tracks pace, distance, heart rate, sleep patterns, and the best part is you can sync music directly to the watch so you do not have to run with your phone. Its time to disconnect and de-stress on the next run!

For the serious trainers, the Garmin Forerunner 735xt is a top pick! This watch is great for triathletes with accurate running, cycling and swimming statistics. It tracks heart rate through the watch or chest strap if you prefer higher accuracy. It tracks exercises both indoor and outdoor (don’t let the bad weather hold back training days). This watch syncs with the Garmin Connect app for concise charts, graphs, and maps. Plus, you can let your family track you on your next race or triathlon through Garmin Connect Mobile app!

Calling all athletes, bootcampers, crossfit and gym goers! The GRID is one of the best foam rollers on the market. Self-myofascial release helps your body recover quicker and helps prevent injury. New to foam rolling? The GRID comes with instructional videos that anyone can follow.

All vegetable lovers need a good mandoline and spiralizer. This mandoline makes prepping vegetables a piece a cake. If you keep fresh vegetables in the fridge ready to eat, you are more likely to grab a healthy snack. The spiralizer is a great way to get creative with food alternatives; did I hear zoodles (zucchini noodles)?




I know several people are starting to move away from paper calendars and adding events to their outlook or iphone calendars; however, some people still just like to hold a real hardback calendar (me included). I have to say Lilly Pulitzer’s agendas are so bright and fresh you can’t help but want to use it. This is a great gift for those that like to write down important dates, notes, and addresses.

It’s time for a desk makeover with Grovemade Desk Collections. I first saw this line on uncrate. For those of you who have never heard of uncrate, you need to check out their website today. Whenever I am having a hard time picking out a gift for my husband, I can always count on uncrate. Anyway, back to Grovemade Desk Collections this wooden collection will transform your office. No more mismatched penholders, paperclip holders, mouse pads, and more! This sleek wooden collection will add class and style to anyone’s office.

Does the dust on the keyboard or inside your camera lens drive you (or someone you know) ABSOLUTELY bonkers? This electronic cleaner is a great, affordable stocking stuffer for those that like a clean work environment.

Everything should have a spot, right? Including all kitchen utensils. This customizable drawer organizer will ensure that nothing and I mean absolutely NOTHING slides around in your drawers anymore. Phew!




Charcoal is being used in several beauty products now to help detoxify your skin, making your skin feel softer, cleaner, and instantly renewed. Two of my favorite charcoal beauty products include Beautycounters purifying mask and charcoal cleansing bar. Great stocking stuffers!

Know somebody that gets dry, irritated skin especially in the winter months? PurO3 ozonated olive oil is an amazing skin remedy. No fillers, GMOs, preservatives, or binders making it a great gift for your green friend!

Ladies, have you ever thought about what’s in your mascara? Most of us are apply this to our eyes daily. Switch your loved one over to a more natural formula. Physicians Formula Organic mascara will lengthen your lashes without all the toxins.

For softer and smoother skin, you have to try Asutra’s gentle exfoliating body scrub. This scrub is created from 100% pure dead sea salt and a variety of oils including sweet almond, jojoba, and argan oils. Especially great for winter months!




One year my sister in law got me this wood block + prints and I have to say it is still one of my FAVORITE gifts. This is an awesome gift for anyone that appreciates photography and wants to re-live good memories. Know any instagram lovers? This is the gift for them!

Turn hand-drawn sketches into a fully workable digital file… Say What? Seriously, this Smart Notebook is so cool. I am not a drawer at all (I wish I was), but if you know anyone that loves to draw or doodle this is the gift for him or her.

Not enough USB hubs on your laptop? This is useful gift for any graphic designer or photographer that needs far more hubs that I do! Now this is an efficient gift.

Smart phones have made picture taking so easy and now with all the filters we are all creative’s! However, most of those pictures are sitting some where on Instagram or Facebook. Well, its time to not only take photos, but print them! Fujifilm has a mini instant film camera that is the perfect gift for your loved one. Don’t forget to purchase some film to help get them started!


Wow, just writing this list made me get even more into the Holiday spirit. Lets pinky promise not to wait until the last minute this year. What do you say?


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Kristin Oja, DNP, FNP-C, PT-C


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