“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but what we give.” -Ben Carson

With the Holidays near, our STAT Wellness family got together to bring you a list of our favorite wellness-based gifts because, after all, your health is your greatest wealth.

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Our Founder + CEO, Kristin Oja‘s pick:

I’d have to say the Berkey water filter or a weighted blanket. Clean water and good quality sleep are essential for overall health and wellness!

Our Medical Director, Dr. Jeff Thompson‘s pick:

As a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doc, I need a quick and efficient workout I can do anywhere. That is why I love resistance bands and sand bags. You can get such a functional workout at the comfort of your own home. Here are some quick and easy gift options: Resistance bands and Sand bags. Another gift I love to give my family and friends is a gift card to STAT Wellness. Living in Cleveland, I am always looking for an opportunity to spread the word.

Our Functional Medicine Provider, Athena Newells pick:

There is nothing like giving the gift of sunlight; I love this Happy Light that can help ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder and brighten someone’s day.

Our Functional Medicine Provider, Kyle Compaans pick:

Some of my favorite wellness things that make great gifts are some good neck and back massages, matcha tea (so good!) and a to-go stainless steal mug for both hot or cold drinks.

Our Functional Medicine Provider, Ashtin Miraglias pick:

I absolutely love skin care so all things clean beauty is my go-to wellness gift. A few of my favorites include Epilynx Perfect Cleanser, Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Cleansing oil, and Ilia Tint SPF serum.

Our Functional Medicine Provider, Dr. Christina Paul‘s pick:

ClassPass Credits! It is a great way to get people to try different gyms and find what they love; plus if they live close to STAT Wellness Atlanta, they can come take a class.

Our Physical Therapist, Katelyn Raymond‘s pick:

A yoga mat and my favorite is the Liforme Yoga mat. This mat has great alignment marks, is non slip, and wears really well.

Our Physical Therapist, Genry Piletsky‘s pick:

Theracane for self soft tissue work- it is amazing!

Our Nurse’s Sarah Hendrix and Hannah Pergande and Our Movement Specialist, Nikki Chalmer’s pick:

You know it is a good gift idea when 3 of our staff members immediately said an Oura Ring. This wearable tracks your sleep, activity, AND recovery. Plus you can choose different colors so you can do it all in style!

Our Nurse, Katie Compaan’s pick:

Everything and anything by The Wildness; all of their skin care products are amazing!

Our Dietitian, Sarah Ganka‘s pick:

I love introducing people to delicious and healthy food. One of my favorite gifts to give is the Rancho Gordo beans (yay gourmet fiber) and some good quality olive oil. I love the Ayocote Morado bean

Our Health Coach, Stephanie Watson‘s pick:

My top three gifts to give depending on budget: 1. The AirDoctor (who doesn’t need clean air), 2. Personal Training Session at STAT Wellness, and 3. Hydroflask (your drink stays cold forever)

Our Health Coach, Prathna Patel‘s pick:

That is easy! Diaspora haldi doodh mix. They use a turmeric variety that has a very high percentage of curcumin and it is the most authentic blend I’ve found in terms of flavor. It tastes just like my Moms! Their chai masala is also delicious. It is so easy to make as well you mix 1/2 cup water with 1/2 cup milk in a small sauce pan, add 2 huge spoons of the haldi doodh mix, jaggery (they sell that too!) for sweetness and extra cardamom…. warm it all up and mix well. Serve, sip, and enjoy!

Our COO, Cam Oja‘s pick:

We all know we tend to be healthier the more meals we cook in, so I recommend THESE carbon steel pans by Made In. If you’ve never cooked with carbon steel, it is a game changer in the kitchen! Not only does food cook faster and more evenly, but it’s non-toxic – the pans are made up of carbon (99%) + iron (1%) and are naturally non-stick. Also, unlike non-stick pans which last only a few years before they are damaged or loose their non-stick properties, carbon steel can last generations – meaning less pans going to the landfill. To clean the pans, just use a little hot water and/or salt to wipe out any food that’s left. That’s it.

Our Director of Operations, Sarah Rose‘s pick:

I love giving practical gifts that get lots of use. My husband and I spend a lot of time cooking + prepping healthy and delicious food so a good knife is a must in the kitchen. THIS is one of my favorite knives to give!

Our Wellness Manager, Monica Watanabe‘s pick:

My favorite thing right now is LAMEVEN Eye Massager. It is a heated eye massager for relaxation, reducing eye fatigue and improving sleep.

Our Patient Care Specialist, Meg Callahan‘s pick:

As you guys may know, I get up early to be at STAT Wellness Roswell by 7 AM. The Hatch alarm clockis amazing. It is a sound machine, sunrise alarm clock, reading lamp, all in one! Plus you can control it with an app.

Our Patient Care Specialist, Mallory Hazens pick:

Spoonk acupressure mat– it has over 6,000 stimulation points to help with stress and relaxation! Plus you can take it with you anywhere when you travel.

Our Patient Care Coordinator, Faith Lewis‘ pick:

Electrolytes + epsom salt baths; these are so helpful for hydration and recovery for anyone that loves to workout! My favorite electrolyte is by Podium, it has both electrolytes and amino acids for recovery. The watermelon flavor is so good!

Our Trainer, Candice Scotts pick:

I love to give the gift of relaxation. My go-to wellness gift is a massage. If you live in Atlanta area or Chattanooga, my favorite is the Natural Body Spa.


Happy shopping and more importantly Happy holidays!

-STAT Wellness family