For some people, working out is like brushing their teeth. They do it on a consistent basis. For others, starting and stopping a workout routine is their norm. It can be hard to be consistent because, well, life happens. We get busy, and our workout gets pushed to the back burner because other things take priority.

The goal is to make working out a habit. In order to create a habit, you need to do some things to figure out how to make it fit into your already busy schedule.

Here are 5 hacks to be consistent with your workouts:

  1. Figure out your WHY. Why do you want to be consistent with your workouts? Some people would say that they want to look a certain way, but we need to go deeper. It is the deeper reason that will keep you coming back. Do you want more energy? Reduce your risk of disease? Keep up with your kids? Whatever your WHY is, come back to it on days you don’t feel like moving.
  2. Find something you enjoy. I believe that finding the type of workout that is right for YOU is really important. Maybe you haven’t been consistent with your workouts because you don’t actually enjoy what you are doing. Moving your body in ways that feel good will make it so your body actually craves movement, and movement is medicine! Also, listen to your body. If you have scheduled yourself to go for a run but really feel like doing yoga, then do yoga. The important thing is that you move.
  3. Schedule your workouts. I highly recommend scheduling your workout like you would a meeting. If it is on your calendar, you are more likely to do it. Figure out the time of day that works for you. Some common times that I see people fit in a workout are first thing in the morning, during a lunch break, or right after work.
  4. Lay out or pack your clothes. Getting your workout clothes ready to go will make it so you have no excuse not to feel prepared to workout. All you have to do is put them on! If you are working out at a gym later in the day, then I would go ahead and put the bag in the car the night before!
  5. Add in recovery days. Adding in a recovery day or two is so important! Recovery days give you time to rest and recharge not only your body but your mind as well. A rest day could be taking a leisurely walk, stretching, foam rolling, doing yoga, or simply doing nothing except for normal daily chores. Again, listen to your body! I don’t want you to get burned out on working out. You will be more likely to stop your routine.


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If you need help creating a workout plan, I would love to work with you. You can book a session with me here.

Be well,

Stephanie Watson